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Kenya Education: Ashut Continues To Dominate The Market With Its High-End, Locally Produced Classroom Furniture

School facilities provide a conducive learning environment necessary for improved student outcomes. Particularly, well designed classroom furniture promotes interactive engagement which facilitates free flow of learning. While having the right table, locker and chair allows educators to coalesce active minds, wrong furniture is a recipe for passivity within the classroom. Quality and beautifully crafted furniture produce a conducive environment with comfortable set-ups that motivate students to learn. Such facilities improve engagement through forging improved focus, enhanced attention, and effective participation among learners. Modern classroom furniture entails comfort and easy configuration for classroom stakeholders. However, the growing focus on student’s health and wellbeing within Kenya has left schools with limited option, with some opting for imported furniture. Most of the local manufacturers have not been able to adapt dimensions to the needs of specific students. Besides, quality standards remain a key letdown for users, with factors such as posture and interior arrangement taking center stage.

As most companies opt for imported furniture to plug the increasing gap, Ashut Engineers Ltd continues to dominate the Kenyan market with high-end, locally produced classroom furniture. With over 40 years of industrial experience, Ashut Engineers prides itself as a leading manufacturer of assorted high-quality furniture for educational institutions from kindergarten to tertiary learning institutions.

The company leverages its diverse team of well-trained professionals to produce and install furniture to provide a unique setting that encourages free exchange of ideas, thoughts and skills among educational stakeholders. Besides, the company has a team of highly skilled professional sales persons domiciled at its headquarters along Lunga Lunga road to attend to the needs of diverse clients. With in-depth product knowledge, our sales executives capably take their time to understand the client needs and advise accordingly on the best type of furniture that perfectly matches their requirements. Ashut prides itself in providing good price-performance ratio, unmatched quality, great customer experience and convenient production timelines to its customers.

KINDERGARTEN: Bright and colourful like their smiles, Ashut’s wide range of furniture ensures there is never a dull moment for those little angels.

LOWER AND UPPER GRADE FURNITURE: With a height ranging from 32-34 cm long, Ashut’s range of pre-primary and primary school furniture is well spread out to ensure that no school goer is left out of the learning experience.

HIGH SCHOOL AND TERTIARY: For a more mature audience, Ashut engineers designs that ensure both size of the students and class room space is well put into consideration.

TEACHER’S DESKS: With Ashut’s range of desks, teachers and administrators are not left out either.

LIBRARY: For all books and storage needs.

DORM BEDS: For boarding schools, Ashut’s bunk beds are fabricated to give learners the rest they need for the next day.

LOUNGE AND BREAK FURNITURE: For those moments away from class and during meals, Ashut’s combos fit perfectly.

Good school furniture is also beneficial in the following ways:

  • Greater innovation and creativity – learners will have more stimuli when it comes to learning.
  • Support and function – support learning by keeping students focused and comfortable. For example, flexible ergonomic chairs will support the body’s natural movement and varying postures.
  • Promotes children’s growth – good furniture will allow learners to learn at ease without struggling.
  • Furniture offers structure – Beautiful pieces add structure to school rooms for the learners to attain interactive learning.

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