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High Quality Luxury Furniture Made In Kenya: Discover Ashut’s Exquisite Designs And Craftmanship

Founded in 1980, at a small workshop in Nairobi, Ashut has grown into a celebrated brand with clients and projects across Kenya and Africa at large, and currently occupies a 250,000 square metres space, located Along Nyahera Road off Lunga Lunga Road, with a modern showroom displaying a wide range of products every day of the week, including weekends and public holidays. Interior design has rapidly gained popularity, hence Ashut Engineers saw an opportunity to avail high quality luxury furniture locally at affordable prices to meet the ever-rising demand. Ashut’s furniture designs are well thought through and handcrafted by a team of experienced designers whose passion is to bring a client’s dream and imagination to reality. They emphasize clean lines and the dramatic use of colour fabric to infuse energy into the room.

The furniture framework is made of pure mahogany, while upholstery is done using soft fabric that can withstand upto 50,000 rubs. The designs are full of bold detail that have been inspired by modern day luxury living. The tailoring includes classic hand curved patterns, geometric fretwork designs, among other deep and captivating details. Over the years, Ashut has grown the brand and currently boasts a diverse array of designs under 14 different families of home furniture.

In addition to this, innovation is a daily aspect at Ashut. Recently, the manufacturer launched an antibacterial furniture range that brings active hygiene to your home and breaks the chain of bacterial infections. Following the tagline ‘designed for the way you work’, the company’s focus is to transform every client’s desire into reality. Using state-of-the-art machinery enables Ashut to customize all the products as per the client’s requirement, which makes them stand out. Ashut’s exquisite designs and craftmanship have earned them recognition and awards at the popular ‘Kenya Homes Expo’ and ‘Luxury Living and Design Expo’ both held in 2021 in Nairobi. Ashut values each customer, hence the core values ‘integrity, boldness and elegance’ were formed. These values reflect through the team culture, the products manufactured and the service provided to customers.

Visit Ashut’s showroom today to experience the wide range of products manufactured. Their dedicated team of professional sales executives and experienced designers, equipped with vast knowledge on the products, will instantly understand your needs and offer you the best solution as per your requirments.

The showroom is located on Nyahera Road, Off Lunga Lunga Road, and is opened from Monday to Saturday (8am to 4pm), as well as Sunday and Holidays (10am to 4pm).

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