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Ashut Partnering With Fruity Schools Africa To Nourish, Sweeten And Brighten The Future Of Kenyan Children

As part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) of giving back to the society, Ashut has sponsored the Fruity Schools Africa project, an initiative to nourish, sweeten and brighten the future of the children of Kenya. Under the Fruity Schools project, different varieties of fruit trees were planted in 337 schools in Nairobi in 2021, each school having an orchard of 41 fruit trees.

This initiative will greatly contribute to implementing the Kenyan Government agenda of having a 10% forest cover in the whole country.

In addition to the environmental benefits that come with this initiative, Ashut being one of the stakeholders in the education sector through manufacture of school furniture, is keen on giving back to the sector by supporting schools in implementing the competency based curriculum (CBC) through engaging children in maintaining the fruit trees for the period of five years till maturity.

By having the school children take part in the process, Ashut is instilling as sense of responsibility in them, not forgetting the fact that they will be able to eat healthy fruits once the fruit trees get to maturity. This makes them the ultimate beneficiaries of the project. The project has been supported by the Government of Kenya and other stakeholders in the country and the future looks bright for the Kenyan children and the environment.

ABOUT ASHUT: Since its incorporation, Ashut Engineers Ltd has become a leading manufacturer of a wide range of products made from plastic, steel, wood and aluminium. From its origins in a small workshop in Nairobi, Ashut has grown into a corporate entity with an office space of 250,000 square feet, across 10 acres of land. 

With more than 40 years of experience in East Africa, the company now employs over 1,300 people and offers a wide range of products and solutions, including: luxury home furniture made of hardwood, warehouse racking and storage, supermarket shelving and convenience store fittings, luxury and modular office furniture, staff lockers and filing cabinets, school furniture, hospital furniture, agriculture equipment (wheelbarrows and milk cans), as well as industrial drums.

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